Des êtres multiples

ll n’y a que des existences singulières. ll n’y a pas d’être handicapé. Il y a seulement des êtres multiples inassimilables les uns aux autres et irréductibles à un seul signifiant. Chacun d’entre eux prend sa forme tout au long d’un itinéraire à nul autre pareil.
Charles Gardou

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  1. While you’re right, I’ve rarely found reality to be as clean. “The disclosed emails in the report show he stated they were fixing the issue, but that issue then remained unfixed for months.” Ever tried to get a fix through a change control board packed with people who are just not interested in approving a change? Or possibly worse, multiple levels of CCBs because the fix is determined to affect multiple departments, all of whom have to sign off to pass the change, and half of whom won’t bother. I obviously don’t know if that was the case, but I’ve seen more CCBs run like this than not. “Regardless of what naïve upper management say to him at that point, it could be argued he is sufficiently senior to have take control of that realisation and fix it.” Naïve isn’t the problem. Outright refusing to handle the situation is. I’ve seen security directors told to cover up breaches like this, I’ve seen security directors fired for not agreeing with that, and I’ve seen security directors leave because of coverups like this. This guy could very well be utterly incompetent or a victim of really, really bad upper management. You could say that he should have risked his job to disclose the breach, but unemployment is a scary thing. Hindsight says he probably should have, but that’s hindsight for you. Comes down to the fact that incompetence and caught in a bad situation can look about the same. Now, if he hits a trifecta… viagra

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